Get an on-demand tech team for less than full-time salary.

Access the best of silicon valley talent to realize your most ambitious vision for the business. Together, we can make moves your competitors can only dream of.

AI development

Develop new capabilities for your customers and employees.

Process automation

Scale operational capacity, and future-proof the business.

Data Science

Make bigger and better decisions with higher confidence.

App development

Create new tools and apps for your team to do their best work.

What you get

On-demand , for half of a full-time salary. 👷🏻

Drive outcomes, not billable hours.

We make money by growing the value of our stake in your business, not endlessly billing you for services.

Affordable, and mission-aligned.

Work with experienced technologists that prioritize building equity for the long term vs maximizing short-term pay.

Get results today, not tomorrow.

Unlike an agency, the faster we deliver results the greater our reward. We always seek the shortest path to success.

Flexible and scalable as needed.

Pause our engagement to manage cash flow, or scale up for a big project. Sprint when you need, cruise when you don't.

Our process

We specialize in tech + SMB, from LOI to exit. 🤝

1. Consultation

We review your business needs together, and identify potential opportunities for us to make a significant impact. This 20-minute consultation is free of charge.

2. Technical consultation

A 2 to 3-week technical study of the business and scoping of opportunities. We develop a modernization plan with a timeline and budget, then work with you to determine the projected impact on cash flows.

3. Implementation

We spend 6-12 months embedded with your team to execute on the modernization plan. All development, training, and documentation of processes will be handled by us - you just focus on growing the business.

Book a free consultation

We'll review your business together, and identify opportunities for us to make an impact. This 20-minute consultation is free of charge.

Commonly asked questions

Why not just hire an agency or freelancer?

It comes down to cost and mission-alignment. The cost of hiring a full-time developer often exceeds $100,000 plus benefits, while agency and freelancer business models incentivize continuously billing you for projects and services. They’re not rewarded for solving a problem in 10 minutes if they can convince you it’ll take 10 hours. 

Unlike an agency we make money by maximizing our impact, not endlessly billing you for services. So not only do we get you results faster, we do it cheaper, and perfectly aligned with your goal to grow the business - not your bills.

What will our day to day look like?

This depends entirely on the needs of the project. For example, if we’re actively developing tooling we might work with your team daily to design, develop, and iterate. On the other hand if we’re in test and observation mode we might check-in with you every two weeks, and if we’re in pause-mode we’ll have quarterly check-ins to make sure we’re up-to-date on your business needs.

Regardless of the project, we’re always available to help as needed - whether it’s to problem solve, advise on a decision, or sip whisky and strategize about your most ambitious ideas.

Who's on your team?

Our in-house team are experienced technology professionals who specialize in understanding business problems and using technology to solve them. Our vetted external partners are experts in specific fields such as data engineering, web development, data science, UI design, and more, brought in for your project as needed at no extra cost to you.

Why is it so affordable?

We work with experienced professionals that prioritize building equity vs maximizing short-term pay. They prefer working towards long term goals and solving tangible challenges, rather than being a highly-paid cog in the machine at Facebook, Google, or Microsoft. We ensure our monthly fee is enough to keep the lights on, and give them an opportunity to build a stake in successful businesses that grow over time.

How do I request work?

While you’re welcome to come to us with ideas or projects at any time, in general we prefer to align with the decision-making cadence of your business. So for example, we’ll sit in on your quarterly leadership meeting and act as your CTO to advise on how we might be able to help accelerate your strategic priorities. This way we’re well informed on the business as a whole, enabling us to execute on the best way to achieve growth for the business rather than being focused on a single project.

Is there work you don’t do?

In general, we maximize our impact by focusing on projects that move the needle on cash flow, such as making operations more efficient, scaling revenue, or enabling new revenue streams. 

Work with us

Own your impact. Do work that actually moves the needle.

No more A/B testing button colours, or stock options that never materialize. Apply your tech expertise to solve tangible business problems, and build a stake in cash flowing companies that grow over time.